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Issue 10: Testing

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This issue of Increment looks at how software testing impacts our collaboration, innovation, and code. Articles explore what it really means to test in production, how tests can serve as a form of communication, and the future of testing as a practice and as a profession.

  • Contributions by
  • Ipsita Agarwal
  • Myra Awodey
  • Kent Beck
  • Tammy Butow
  • Nelson Elhage
  • Ijeoma Ezeonyebuchi
  • Glenn Fleishman
  • Gabe Goldberg
  • Keyur Govande
  • David MacIver
  • Rushaine McBean
  • Charity Majors
  • David Peter
  • Chris Stokel-Walker
  • Karin Tsai
  • Published August 2019
  • 112 pages
  • 6.5" × 9.5"