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Issue 12: Software Architecture

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This issue of Increment looks at the theory and practice of architecting effective, scalable software systems. Articles explore software architecture at scale; how to choose the right architecture; how—and when—to rearchitect legacy systems; and the evolution of software design patterns.

  • Contributions by
  • Ipsita Agarwal
  • Vicki Boykis
  • Chuka Ebi
  • Glenn Fleishman
  • Romello Goodman
  • Andrew Howden
  • Tomasz Kania-Orzeł
  • Hannah Kim
  • Philippe Lafoucrière
  • John Millikin
  • Lisa Phillips
  • Omar Rizwan
  • Chris Stokel-Walker
  • Scott Wlaschin
  • Published February 2020
  • 112 pages
  • 6.5" × 9.5"