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Issue 16: Reliability

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This issue of Increment shares approaches to reliability and resiliency in our software, technologies, and teams, and offers practical perspectives on the realities of failure in the systems we build. 

Articles cover topics such as how engineering teams can build more reliable and resilient software, the human factors that enable developers to weather incidents and unknown unknowns, and how tech companies and development teams adapted and evolved in the face of dramatic shifts in internet usage and working conditions in 2020.

Plus, Dr. David D. Woods, a pioneer of resilience engineering, discusses building complex systems that can accommodate strain and surprise, and technical leaders at Deliveroo, DigitalOcean, Fastly, and Headspace share their organizations’ approaches to reliability and resiliency and their advice for engineering organizations embarking on reliability journeys.

  • Contributions by 
  • Safia Abdalla
  • Ipsita Agarwal
  • John Allspaw
  • Poornima Apte
  • Georgios Bakirtzis
  • Benoit Baudry
  • Richard Cook
  • Ryn Daniels
  • Tiarnán de Burca
  • Tess Donnelly
  • Mathieu Frappier
  • Mads Hartmann
  • Lara Hogan
  • Dorothy Jung
  • Beth Adele Long
  • Ana Margarita Medina
  • Martin Monperrus
  • Qui Nguyen
  • Tanya Reilly
  • Ian Steadman
  • Chris Stokel-Walker
  • Heidi Waterhouse
  • Published February 2021
  • 104 pages
  • 6.5” × 9.5”