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Issue 5: Programming Languages

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This issue of Increment looks at programming languages from many angles—the personal to the practical, historical to future-facing, and many places in between. Articles explore the long life of COBOL, the benefits of Turing-incomplete languages, and how programming language knowledge factors into hiring at tech companies.

  • Contributions by
  • Sarah Joy Calpo
  • Glenn Fleishman
  • Mimi Fox Melton
  • Suz Hinton
  • David J. Lumb
  • Ramsey Nasser
  • Omar Rizwan
  • Sara Simon
  • Chris Stokel-Walker
  • Jonathan Turner
  • Naomi Uwaka
  • Adam Vartanian
  • Published May 2018
  • 98 pages
  • 6.5" × 9.5"