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Issue 9: Open Source

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This issue of Increment looks at the inner workings and wide-reaching impact of open-source software—and the communities that build it. Articles explore open source at scale; the past, present, and future of maintaining and sustaining open-source projects; the influence of OSS on the digital commons; and more.

  • Contributions by
  • Safia Abdalla
  • Sophie Alpert
  • Poornima Apte
  • Juan Pablo Buriticá
  • Nadia Eghbal
  • Rikki Endsley
  • Glenn Fleishman
  • Emily Griffin
  • Jaime Green
  • Nick Montfort
  • Chris Stokel-Walker
  • James Turnbull
  • Owen Williams
  • Lucy Wyman
  • Henry Zhu
  • Devon Zuegel
  • Published May 2019
  • 128 pages
  • 6.5" × 9.5"